WordPress Plugin

How to setup the WordPress plugin

  1. Before getting started, visit your Settings page to get your nonprofit ID
  2. Head over to WordPress and login to your site
  3. In the Dashboard side-menu, hover over Plugins and click on Add New
  4. From Add New, search for "CommitChange plugin"
  5. Once you've found the plugin, click Install Now
  6. Click on Activate Plugin
  7. Back in your WordPress side-menu, hover over Settings and click on CommitChange
  8. Enter your nonprofit ID into the field and click Save Settings
  9. Your button can now be "called" from anywhere on your WordPress site by adding any of the following HTML options:

Get a basic donate button

Place an empty link with 'commitchange-donate' as the class wherever you want the button to appear.

Embed the form directly in your page

You can embed the donation form directly into your page by adding the "data-embedded" attribute.

Add a custom button image or text

If you want to provide some custom text or a custom image for the donate button, add the "data-custom" attribute.

Your Custom Button Text or Image

Automatically add a preset designation

To preset a custom designation for every donation made through the button, set the "data-designation" attribute.

You can also provide a description of your designation using the "data-designation-desc" attribute.

Preset a custom single amount

To provide a preset single amount for the button, use the "data-single-amount" attribute. Set its value to an amount in dollars.

For example, for a button that only takes $15 donations:

Create custom multiple amounts

To provide custom multiple amounts, use the "data-custom-amounts" attribute. You must provide multiple amounts separated by commas. Set each amount to dollars.

Preset recurring or one-time donations

You can set all donations through your button as either recurring or one-time by specifying the data-type attribute as either "one-time" or "recurring."

Redirect donors to a custom thank-you page

After the donation is completed, you can have the donor redirect to your own custom thank you page. Give a URL for the data-redirect attribute to get this functionality. Be sure to specify "http://" or "https://" in the url.