Sending an Individual Supporter Email

We are in the initial phase of improving our email systems. To send an individual email through our system, you will have to have an email account through Google. (You can connect an email address managed through Google for Business or Google for Nonprofits that uses your website's domain.)

Just navigate to your Supporters List (through the icon that looks like an address book) and select the supporter you would like to email by clicking on their listing. 

CommitChange Supporter Listing

Click on the green +Email button, and an email modal will pop up. 

CommitChange Email

If you haven't already connected your email account, the system will bring you to a screen where you can select or add the email address you would like to send emails from. 

CommitChange Google Account Selection Modal

Once you've connected your account and sent them an email, their supporter record will automatically update to show that a message was sent. You can view the conversation's thread directly from their supporter record.

CommitChange Test Email