Payouts are made on the 1st of the month, though they may take a few days to process and reach your bank account. You can also make manual withdrawals. (Note: If you have funds marked as "Pending," they will not be paid out. Only "Available" funds will be drawn from your account. If you have $0 Available but funds that are pending, you will not receive a payout.)

Payouts can only be made after a bank account is set up and your Identity Verification Form is filled out. 

How to create a manual payout:

Access the Transactions Dashboard by clicking on the Piggy Bank icon in the left-hand Dashboard Menu. From the Transactions Dashboard click on the Payouts tab.

CommitChange Payouts Tab

From here click "New Payout." (If you don't have available funds, or if you haven't completed your identity verification form, you will not be able to make a payout.)

CommitChange New Payout Button

Create your payout, and you will receive your funds within the next two business days! 

CommitChange Payout Form