Adding Admins And Associates To An Existing Account

Adding users to a CommitChange account is easy.

  • Click on the Settings icon in the Dashboard panel on the left-hand side of your screen. (It looks like a gear.)

  • Click on the "Users" link that comes up in the Settings Dashboard.
  • Select the "New User" button at the bottom of your users list
  • Choose the role for your new user.
    • Please keep in mind that Associates can:
      • Change timezone, branding, receipts
      • View payouts, pricing plan, and other users/roles (but cannot change/create any of these)
      • Can view payment histories and supporter records
      • Can edit and create supporter records
      • Can edit donation designation/dedications
      • Can view payout reports (but cannot create new payouts)
      • Can create and edit campaigns
      • Can create and edit events
      • Can charge and create supporters on event attendee lists
      • Can create new donate buttons
    • Associates cannot:
      • Change pricing plan
      • Add/remove users
      • Initiate payouts
      • Change bank accounts
  • Add their email address, this will become their log-in, then press the Create button

Your new user will receive a confirmation email. Once they're in the system, they'll receive CommitChange notifications to their inbox.