Publish Your Campaign

Your campaign is set up on CommitChange. You've got a description, a video introduction, and a list of gift levels to keep donors engaged. That means you're done, right?

After setting up a campaign, it's important to remember to publish your campaign in your campaign settings. This will ensure that your campaign is being seen by the largest pool of potential donors possible. 

In order to publish your campaign, go to the CommitChange page for the specific campaign you need to modify. At the top of the screen will be a Settings button. 

CommitChange Campaign Settings Button

Press the Settings button to go to the Settings admin panel. To publish your campaign, click on the checkbox next to "Published?"

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Scroll down and press the Update Campaign button to save your changes. Publishing your campaign won't change your campaign link or any of the campaign's functionality, but it will ensure that your campaign comes up in internet searches. If you do not publish your campaign, your supporters will only be able to find your page through a direct link.