How to Create a Floating Donate Button

The CommitChange Donate Button allows you to process donations directly from a secure popup on your website. Implementation of our standard floating button, which will pop up in the lower right-hand corner of every page of your website, is quick and easy. 

Example of the CommitChange Floating Donate Button

Click on the Donate Button icon in the left-hand Dashboard Menu to build a button.

CommitChange Donate Button icon

Make sure the Basic tab is selected. Copy and paste the code that comes up for the simple donate button in a universal section of your website. (Like the header or footer.) 

CommitChange Basic Donate Button Code

Depending on your website's setup, there may be a widget or dedicated section for you to inject this code, or you may have to edit the CSS stylesheet. 

This button is our most basic implementation, but you can still customize the color and font that show on the floating tab by going to your settings (through the icon that looks like a gear in your left-hand menu) and selecting "Branding" from the Settings menu.

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