Copying Entire Campaigns

Sometimes, the best way to create successful campaigns is to use what worked in previous campaigns. To make this easier, we now offer a simple system for creating a new campaign with the same content from an old campaign. 

Just go to to the campaign page you would like to copy and click on the Copy Campaign button. 

CommitChange Campaign Copy Button

At the confirmation screen that pops up, click on Copy Campaign. 

CommitChange Copy Campaign Confirmation

Your campaign will be copied over in its entirety, and its title will clearly show that it is a copy. 

Copied CommitChange Campaign

You can edit your campaign just like any other. Click on the Settings button to change the title and duration of the campaign, change your photo, or to add any display customizations. Click on Manage Gift Options to change your gift level. Click on Customize receipt to update the campaign receipt that is sent out to your supporters. 

With the copy feature, it is easier than ever to create successful campa