Adding a Video to Your Campaign

Adding a video to a CommitChange campaign is simple; there are two ways to go about it!

The first step in adding a video is uploading it to a video hosting service; YouTube or Vimeo are the best options for linking to CommitChange. Once you have the video hosted, you'll just need the URL to the video to embed it into your campaign page. 

Once you have the URL, navigate to your campaign within CommitChange. Your CommitChange campaign comes with a video area designed to optimize views. To add the video, click on your Campaign Settings button. 

CommitChange Campaign Settings Button

In your Campaign Settings, near the middle of the modal on the right, there's an option to add a video. Just just click the button then paste the URL into the field provided then press the Submit button. 

CommitChange Add Video Button

The video will then show up on your campaign page in the designated area. 

CommitChange Video area example

You can also add videos to the body of your campaign's description. To add the video, just click on the video camera icon in the "What You See is What You Get" editor and paste your URL into the field that pops up. You can also add embed code for the video. 

CommitChange Add Video Icon in WYSIWYG

Embedding video into the long description of your campaign allows you to provide your donors with more information and context about your campaign in an engaging format and, if you know how to code, will also give you avenues to add custom animations and slideshows directly to your page, as PRX did with their 2017 Fall Campaign

PRX's 2017 CommitChange Fall Campaign Sticker Animation