My supporter entries keep getting overwritten with the wrong information.

It is frustrating when a record you’re working on seems to mysteriously show the wrong information.

There is a known issue with the LastPass extension where it will overwrite fields the system thinks  are blank. If this happens while you’re updating records in CommitChange, and you save your record, LastPass will save the information and incorrectly autocomplete your fields.

This is an issue of LastPass and not CommitChange. We cannot resolve this on our end, but here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

We’ve helped nonprofits navigate and resolve this issue; the steps in this article from LastPass support most often solves the problem:

If  those steps don’t resolve your issue, check out this LastPass support article:

If those steps don’t resolve the issue you can disable LastPass as a last resort, and remember that CommitChange Support is here to help point you in the right direction.