Changing A Recurring Donation

Each donor who makes a recurring donation receives a donation receipt every month when their card is charged. The receipt includes a link to manage their donation; this is the easiest way for a donor to change their info, especially if they need to update their credit card information, which can't be done in the back-end of the CommitChange platform. If they don't have a copy of their email, go to the donation entry for their donation, click on it, and copy and paste the link that shows under "Donation Management Link."

You can make changes to a recurring donation through the Payments Dashboard. Click on the icon that looks like a piggy bank on your Dashboard Menu.

In the Payments Dashboard, you will be presented with three tabs, History, Recurring, and Payouts. Choose Recurring.

Click on the specific donation entry you would like to change.

Through the button marked "Edit this donation," you can easily and quickly make changes.

Just fill out the form with the new information then click "Save."

If they need to cancel a donation, just press the red "Stop" button.

If they want you to update the credit card information for a donation, then press "Stop this donation" instead of "Edit" and then create a new donation in the system.