Managing Event Charges Through Your RSVP List

Having the ability to charge a donation to a credit card at an event can mean the difference between a completed donation and a missed opportunity. Through our Event RSVP List, attendees can choose to save their credit or debit card information for event purchases, auction items, or donations; an attendee's information can also be added to the RSVP list manually. 

To take advantage of this feature, simply inform attendees to check the box marked "Save this card for purchases at the event" during the final stage of the event ticket purchase.

CommitChange Save This Card Checkbox

If an attendee's information changes, or if they didn't check the box but do want to make a donation at the event, it's easy to update their RSVP listing. 

*If attendees RSVPed through free tickets and would like to add their card information to the RSVP list, you will have to add their information manually.*

Go to the page for the event you would like to modify and click on the Attendees button.

CommitChange Event Attendees Button

Find the name of the attendee for which you have new information and click the Add Card button.

CommitChange Event Add Card Functionality

Click "Add Card" and enter the attendee's card information, then press "Save."

Image title

When a card has been successfully added, the a "Charge" button will appear next to the listing. 

CommitChange Event Charge Button

When an attendee wants to make a purchase or a donation, just press the Charge button and type in the amount of their donation then click "Confirm." Add comments to help with reporting and to make charge breakdowns more clear to staff.

Purchases made at the event will be listed under the event name for reporting purposes and on donation receipts.