How To Implement Your Custom Image Donate Button

There are many ways to customize your CommitChange donate button. The best branding option we have is our Custom Image Button, which can be designed in endless ways to match the feel and style of your site; however, it requires someone to create and upload an image to act as your button. 

CommitChange Custom Image Button for SOIL

You can build a donate button directly from our button builder. Just click the Donation Button icon in the left-hand Dashboard menu. 

Click on the selection in the Appearance menu for the Custom Image Button. In order for this to work, you will have to have your image hosted online, preferably on your website. Paste the web address of your image into the "Custom Image" field. 

CommitChange Custom Image Donate Button Option

Go through the menu of your widget to set up additional options for your button, like setting a specific designation or redirecting to a custom thank you page at the end of each donation. Click the Finish button to "See the Code" or "Email the Code."

If you are implementing the button yourself, copy the code, navigate to the system you use to manage your website, and inject the code into the page you would like a donate button. Make sure that you are able to edit and add to the code for the page. The page you are adding the button to should show HTML or CSS code, not stylized page content.

Adding CommitChange Donate Button Code to Website

If you have a webmaster, "Email the Code" to them to have it implemented on your site.

While setting up a Custom Image Button takes a little extra work, it is worth the effort in ensuring that the branding for your site is seamless and recognizable. 

Need help with this part? Contact our concierge service at