Customizing Event Receipts

From sending donors to a survey where they choose their meal option and list their guests to explaining what percentage of a specific sponsorship is tax deductible, there are many reasons why a nonprofit would want to add an event-specific message to a donation receipt. 

We have streamlined the process to do so by creating a special, event-specific modal that customizes your receipt messaging even more than with our universal donation receipt (found in your account Settings). 

Just go to the Custom Receipt button at the top of your event page. 

You can add a logo, link to a survey or special thank you page, detail the information your attendees need to know, and more through the customization form. 

Your custom message will be added to the top of the donation receipt that is sent out after every successful campaign donation. (If you do not customize your receipt, your normal donation receipt will be sent in its place but will still include your event's information in the details.)