Federated Peer 2 Peer Campaigns

Creating a P2P Federated Campaign, or "Child" Campaign:

From an active campaign, your supporter will press the “Start Your Own Campaign for <nonprofit name>” button. This takes them to the P2P campaign creation page. The campaign they create will be a child campaign of the original active campaign.

They will be brought to a page to create an account in a few easy steps then add their name, location, and a short testimonial on why they support your organization. 

Your original campaign will be copied over and presented with the information they provided in the few clicks it took to create their P2P campaign. 

Keep in mind:

Child campaigns can ONLY be created on active campaigns. If the campaign has finished, you CAN create a standard P2P campaign through the "Start Your Campaign" button on the campaign page. Also, child campaigns can’t have child campaigns. This is most notable when a supporter presses the “Start Your Own Campaign for <nonprofit name>” button on a child campaign. In that case, the newly created P2P campaign is a child of the original parent campaign.Federated P2P campaigns have the following differences from regular P2P campaign:

  • A nonprofit must create a "parent" campaign that supporters can then create a "child" campaign from.
  • The "child" has an identical design to the parent campaign, which can’t be modified by the child campaign creator.
  • The "child" has the same end time as the parent campaign.
  • The "child" campaign created from the original does not have support for gift levels.
  • The "child" includes a testimonial section, customizable by the "child" campaign creator, which lists the editor’s provided name, city, state and reason for supporting the organization. 
  • The "child" has a goal amount, in dollars, set by the "child" campaign creator.
  • All donations made on the "child" campaign are also associated with the "parent" campaign for all reporting features.