Categorizing Your Supporters

When managing a supporter database, it's important to be able to categorize supporters under labels that your organization finds important. When you spend the time to organize your supporters into distinct groups, your data becomes even more valuable, as it gives you opportunities to analyze donor trends in more detailed ways, test messaging out on different populations, and send out more focused and strategic communications. 

CommitChange has a flexible system to manage these labels. Creating and managing supporter tags is a quick and easy process. 

If you're importing a file from another database, you can easily set supporter tags by making sure that each tag is listed in a separate column in the file you are importing, and that the column headers are set to the name of the tag you would like to import. Then just save your file as a .csv file and use the import dropdown menu to set those columns as new tags. You can also send an email to and request that we import the file for you; in almost all cases we offer imports as a free service to our nonprofits. 

If you need to add a supporter tag to a supporter record that's already in your database, just go to Supporters, find the supporter record you need to modify, and click on the button marked "Edit Tags." You can click next to the tag you would like to apply to the supporter, or if you need to add a new tag, just click on the Manage Tags button and add a new tag to the list.

You can also add tags to your donate forms. The code to do so is in the Advanced section of your Donate Form Builder; if you have any questions on how to implement the auto-tagging feature to your donate forms, please contact, and one of our team members will help you.