Event Stats Keeps Track Of Your Event Totals All In One Place

Keeping track of event totals can do wonders in building excitement over attendance and in-event pledges. 

Our Event Stats page allows nonprofits to see the number of attendees and the amount of funds raised at events in real-time. Keep an admin on stats duty during an event to keep your development director updated on pledge totals or, even better yet, project your totals onto a screen so your supporters will know how much you're raising and join in on the excitement of donating to watch your totals skyrocket.

CommitChange Event Stats

To view your stats page, go to the page of the event you would like to view. (You can navigate to your events through the icon in your left-hand Dashboard menu that looks like a ticket.) Then, click on the Stats button near the top of the page.

Your total attendees and amount raised will show up and refresh in real-time, which is a great way to build excitement if you're using the charge functionality of your CommitChange Attendee List to accept donations at the event. 

To add even more excitement to your big night, announce hourly goals you'd like to meet and periodically have your MC announce the milestones as you reach them.