How Much Does CommitChange Cost?

Credit card processing currently costs 2.2% + $.30 per transaction, but CommitChange takes no percentage of that fee. We're actively working to lower credit card transaction costs as we continue to process more volume. To generate revenue, we provide optional premium features for larger organizations.

Do I Have To become a paying customer To Sign Up For CommitChange?

When you initially sign on, you'll receive a free trial. Once your trial has ended, you'll have to updgrade to a paid account in order to use CommitChange services. You can upgrade through the Pricing Plan section of your Settings.

Who Currently Uses CommitChange?

We work with nonprofits throughout the United States and our partners range from tiny community nonprofits to giants like podcast and public radio network PRX. We also work with chapters of familiar organizations, like Boys and Girls Clubs and United Ways.

How Do I Get Started?

Start by filling out your profile information, then add your bank account and fill out your identity verification form so you can receive payouts. Start a campaign or set up your donate button. Have questions? Check out our Help Center or ask us at support@commitchange.com.

We're Not Web Designers. Will You Help Us Set Up Our Donation Button?

Of course! Website implementation is included in your set-up. However, setting up the donation button is easier than you would think. And, if you like the look of our default button, we offer branding customization to ensure it matches the feel of your website.

I've Started Receiving Donations. Now What?

Make sure your bank account is linked to your CommitChange profile and that your identity verification form is filled out. You'll receive a grace period to do so, but you need to be set up and verified to ensure your donation processing works correctly. Payouts are sent on the first of each month. You can also withdraw funds manually whenever you would like.

We Have A Personalized Thank You Letter We Send Out For Donations. Can We Send It For Online Donations?

You can personalize the message that will go out to your donors through the donation receipt that will be emailed to them for each donation. You can also create custom email templates that you can personalize and send out as individual or bulk emails.

Can you help us with marketing or strategy?

We'd be happy to give you some pointers, but a good place to start is our blog, which includes posts on best practices for fundraising as well as spotlights on nonprofits who are finding fundraising success with CommitChange.

Is It Easy To Share My Profile/Campaign/Event Through Social Media?

We have "Share" buttons for Facebook and Twitter built into our profiles as well as into the campaign and event pages, and supporters can create their own Peer to Peer fundraising campaigns through our platform.

I'm A Donor. How Can I Help My Favorite Nonprofit Raise Funds?

Creating a Peer to Peer campaign to mobilize your personal network is the perfect way to support a nonprofit. Just visit their CommitChange Profile and press the "Start A Campaign" button to get started.

Is My Data Secure?

Yes. We take your security very seriously. Our transactions are fully PCI compliant and your donor data is stored in highly secure cloud servers.

Technical specs: PCI-Compliant, SSL-certified and SHA-2 encrypted (or 256-bit encrypted)

Are All Of Your Features Implemented?

No way! We're always working on new and exciting features.

Why Is My Favorite Nonprofit Missing?

Because you haven't suggested them to us yet! Send us an email and we'll try to include them.