Customizing Your CommitChange Branding

Setting up branding customization in CommitChange is quick and easy!

Set your customized, branded colors across our platform, from your nonprofit's profile page to your individual events and campaigns.

This customization also changes the color and font of your CommitChange Donate button to match your brand. Follow these simple steps to build your button before you start customization.

Once you are done building out your Donation Form and have implemented the code on your website, follow the prompt in the Donation Widget to edit your branding under "Settings."

Click on the icon that looks like a gear in the Dashboard Menu.

Click on "Branding." You will now have the option of changing the color and font to match your organization's style. 

Once you have chosen a color and a font, click the “Save” button.

Refresh your site to check out your new button.

Even if you are using a button configuration other than our default, branded button, customizing your CommitChange branding settings will ensure your campaign and event pages on CommitChange match your organization's style.