How To Create A Dropdown Menu For Your Donate Button Implementation

For nonprofits managing a large number of specified funds, an implementation utilizing multiple donation buttons tied to individual funds can be too complicated of an option for clean web design. With this in mind, when the fraternity Phi Kappa Tau asked for a more streamlined system to manage donations for all of their chapters, our developers jumped at the chance to design a more holistic donation system.

Using a framework of dropdown menus and buttons with forced designations, Phi Kappa Tau is able to keep track of which donations go to which chapter or program and streamline reporting while making sure the donor experience is quick and effortless. 

CommitChange Phi Kappa Tau implementation

Using our button builder, you can now quickly create dropdowns without having to manipulate a lot of code. 

In the left-hand menu, click on the icon that looks like a credit card. The words Donate Button will appear next to it when the menu pops out. 

CommitChange Donate Button Builder

Click on the Guided tab in the top right of the screen and click on Designations. Click on the option for multiple designations, and type in the names of your funds (you can add up to 20) or programs into the available fields as well as a custom prompt to appear at the top of the form. 

CommitChange DropDown Form Builder

Each of your designations will be listed on the dropdown, optimized for the web and for mobile devices. 

CommitChange DropDown Button Implementation

Go through the menu of the button builder to set up additional options for your button, like setting a specific designation or redirecting to a custom thank you page at the end of each donation. Click the Finish button to "See the Code" or "Email the Code."

If you are implementing the button yourself, copy the code, navigate to the system you use to manage your website, and inject the code into the page you would like a donate button. Make sure that you are able to edit and add to the code for the page. The page you are adding the button to should show HTML or CSS code, not stylized page content.

Adding CommitChange Donate Button Code to Website

If you have a webmaster, "Email the Code" to them to have it implemented on your site.

While setting up a Dropdown Designation Button takes a little extra work, it is worth the effort in ensuring that the branding for your site is seamless and recognizable. 

If you have any questions, need help, or encounter a bug during your implementation, please send us an email at You can also contact us to implement your dropdown system for you.