Merging Duplicate Supporters

Whether it is due to a data entry error or the result of multiple supporter imports, sometimes merging supporter records is necessary. We've made it easy to combine records while retaining the most correct and up to date information for each supporter. 

If you have multiple entries for the same person in your database, just click on the checkboxes next to those entries to make a merge button appear at the top of your Supporters List. 

CommitChange Supporter Merge Button

When you click on the Merge button, you will be taken through steps to review the information from both records and choose which information you would like to be retained (you will also be given the choice to add updated information if applicable). Press Next when you're finished with each step. 

CommitChange Merge Form

When you have verified all of the information, you will be taken to a final screen to view the information you are retaining before pressing Merge Supporters. 

CommitChange Merge Verification

Once your records are merged, you will be left with a single record that is searchable within your database.