The Payments Dashboard

The Payments Dashboard allows you to manage your payments and donors in one easy space. You can access the Transactions Dashboard by clicking on the Piggy Bank icon in the left-hand Dashboard Menu. 

CommitChange Payments

From the Transactions Dashboard, you can view your donation and donor details, withdraw funds through the Payouts tab, access your payout history, and download reports.

CommitChange Payments Dashboard

View or export a list based on filtering, by date, donation amount, or donation type.

CommitChange Payment Filtering

You can use our Payment search functionality to create even more refined exports based on name and keyword. 

CommitChange Payment Search

Click on individual donations to bring up the donation details; press the Edit button to make changes to online and offline donations. (You can also delete the donation from its details screen.)

CommitChange Edit Payment Screen

You can also use the Payments Dashboard to navigate to your Recurring Donations or make a Payout.