I added a donate button to my Wix site, but the button doesn't work.

Wix sites are a little finicky.

When you add an element to your site (like a button or custom HTML), elements stack one on top of another. When you add our donate button or form to the site, the area of the element will be as big as the pop-up form, not the button itself. (Even if you use a text button, and the area of the button is only one or two words of text.) Because Wix is set up this way, there's a larger chance of your website's elements to conflict with each other. 

For example, if you want to put the donate button next to your website's menu, the button might block some of the links, or the links might block some of the interactive areas of the donation form. If your menu pops down from the top, and the menu covers the donate button when it pops down, this may block all functionality for your donate button. 

If you add a Thank You page redirect to your button, you may also experience an error instead of the redirect occurring as expected. This is because of the frame system that Wix uses. 

To ensure that there are no conflicts with your implemented buttons, please space out website elements accordingly and make sure to test how your donate form or button interacts with your site before publishing your changes.