My Donate Button Doesn't Work

If your button isn't working and you just set up the code, please contact support so we can help you troubleshoot. 

If your button has worked in the past, make sure to check the Pricing Plan and Payments section of your settings. If your payment method has experienced an issue, there will be a link to edit your information on the Pricing Plan page. If your account needs further verification, there may be a link to a form where you can add the requested information from our payment processor to verify your account. 

If both your payment information and your verification look up to date, find out as much as you can about where your donor was when they experienced the problem, what operating system and browser they were using, and what error message came up. Contact support with what you find out, and we will make getting your donate button working our highest priority. 

Please also keep in mind that CommitChange no longer supporters Internet Explorer. Ask staff/donors to upgrade to Microsoft Edge or change to Chrome/Firefox/Safari if they are having issues. (If an upgrade isn’t possible for a donor, you can process the donation in the back-end of CommitChange.)