Connect Your Bank Account To Receive Funds

Until you connect a bank account and fill out your identity verification form, any donations you receive will be held in escrow through your CommitChange account. You also need to connect a bank account to ensure that you can continue to process donations through our transaction processor; you do have a grace period to set it up and still be able to accept donations.

To connect your bank account, in the left-hand Dashboard Menu, click on the the icon that looks like a piggy bank then go to the Payouts tab to access your financial setup checklist.

CommitChange Payments and Payouts Navigation

Then click on the link marked with "Connect a bank account." Follow the prompts to add your bank account information.

CommitChange Payouts Connect a Bank Account

A verification email will be sent to the address linked to your CommitChange account; click on the verification link in the email to ensure you can withdraw your funds. 

We automatically pay out funds to our nonprofits at the beginning of each month; your payment will not automate until you connect your account.