How to Create a Custom Supporter Form

The CommitChange development team is currently working on a robust form system for collecting non-donor data, like for setting up a volunteer or newsletter list. The system is currently in its beta phase, but nonprofits can use it now to gather supporter information.

To create custom supporter forms, for volunteers and other members of your community who aren't necessarily donors, all you need to do is add "/supporter_form" and params (small bits of code that can change the way web pages look and act) to your profile URL. 

For example, a basic form can be easily created through this link: (the #s should be replaced with your nonprofit ID, which is the number associated with your nonprofit profile)

For example:

CommitChange basic supporter form

With params, you can add custom tags, fields, and messages that will change both how your supporters' information comes into the system and how the forms displays to your supporters. To add custom tags, add params like ?tags=volunteer to change the form.,2016_champion

When a supporter enters their information to the form, the information will be added to their supporter record. 

CommitChange Supporter Form tags

You can also combine params; for example, you can create a form with both custom fields and tags:

Keep in mind that if you would like to write a thank you or other message on a form, that %20 = spaces.!&message=We%20appreciate%20your%20support.

CommitChange Supporter Form with params